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Notable Event

Notable Event
Kolkata Thunderbolts has organized multiple events and has taken up multiple initiatives in various parts of Bengal in the quest to make Volleyball a mainstream sport in India. Among those events, the Thunderbolts Cup is the flagship event held each year. ‘Paray Paray Volleyball’ is the exclusive volleyball coaching camp organised by the management.

Thunderbolts Cup

Amongst Bengalis, Durga Puja is the most widely celebrated event. The management of Kolkata Thunderbolts grasped the fervor and initiated a unique concept to engage volleyball lovers across Bengal. In 2022, the idea of the Thunderbolts Cup was born. The management associated with the top Durga Puja committees from each corner of Bengal and invited the men’s and women’s teams to play in the tournament. The Men’s and Women’s Thunderbolts Cup starts around September, a month before Durga Puja. Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja early now with a sporting touch.

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Womens’ Thunderbolts Cup

The Thunderbolts Cup was launched with a vision. The vision to take Volleyball to the masses. After a grand success in the men's edition, another major tournament was organised with the aim to provide a platform to the Women's Volleyball community of Bengal.





Paray Paray Volleyball

The Thunderbolts Camp is a grassroots development initiative by Kolkata Thunderbolts (KTB). Through the Thunderbolts Camp, senior coaches associated with KTB travel to different districts of Bengal to scout talent, train youngsters interested in volleyball and conduct high performance training camps.

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